On Being Human


Pandora’s Box

When half of your day was worse than your personal depiction of hell, and the other half was soaring into the fiery zenith,  head focused on an optimistic future.

When you can’t breathe because the accumulation of the emotional debris is too nuanced to reflect upon in the manner of the sane.

At this point in time I am beginning to think I will never understand what it is to be human, for we are such a selfish, flawed, cruel, beautiful, gentle, ugly,  race.

And then I understand that I know what it is to be human. We are sickeningly breathtaking.


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About Haniya Khalid

Freelancer starting out. I want to be an investigative journalist. Interested in and like writing about politics, politics and politics.

2 responses to “On Being Human”

  1. theeditorsjournal says :

    Would ‘exactly’ be too trite or brief a response? I think you’ve nailed it.

    • haniyak88 says :

      I was under the impression I’d written exhaustion induced quality BS :P…but thanks! And beauty in simplicity: ‘Exactly’ works just fine. 🙂

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